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Clerk of courts gives account of transactions

Carrie L Haudenschield, Hardin County Clerk of Courts, has released an account of transactions from her offices for 2013.
Legal Department:  A total of 2142 new cases were filed: 180 civil includes 98 foreclosures, 130 domestics; 198 criminal includes bindovers from Hardin County Municipal Court and search warrants; 1,188 judgment liens, 4 court of appeals; 442 miscellaneous cases includes 106 notary certificates.
Also, there were 1,400 old cases reactivated, 151 passport applications submitted and 4 jury trials.
Total receipts collected was $642,967.17 with $33,662.83 paid as restitution to victims, $30,785.62 to the sheriff’s department, $158,773.86 to the county general fund and the remainder of the collected fees were paid per the Ohio Revised Code and local court orders.
Title Department: A total of 9,786 vehicle, salvage, watercraft and mobile home titles were issued along with 1,543 memos and 1,761 liens. Fees were collected from 6,984 affidavits, 886 late fees, 503 inspections and 128 archives.
Total receipts collected for titles and sales tax was $1,324,865.94 with $1,198,832.89 paid to the state of Ohio for sales tax and titles fees, while $126,033.05 was paid to the county title fund.

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