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Horse Council prepares for the fair

Horse Council meeting was Aug. 19 in the horse barn at the Hardin County Fairgrounds.
There will be a walk held in Taylor Carder’s memory on Sept. 27. Also, the picnic table for the fair is getting finished up this week.
Mark Light wanted to bring up the Walk Trot as Grade. Who can or cannot show in this class? Since there is not a rule in black or white, we voted to let the advisors make the decision on whether or not the particular member should show in the class or not. It was motioned by Charlotte and seconded by Alesia, motion passed.
In the treasurer’s report, we have $1,214.82 in savings and $1,808.54 in the checking account. Wendy brought up the fact that we keep getting charged $5 a month in the accounts if we don’t use the account for a while. The idea was brought up to maybe move the accounts to Quest Credit Union. They don’t seem to charge a service fee. Alesia motioned to check into moving the account to Quest and Jackie seconded it. Motion passed.
The treasurer’s report was motioned by Jackie and seconded by Alesia. Treasurer report motion passed
The stalls are sealed. We have 12 gallons of sealant left over. We talked about keeping it for next year or so to do the stalls again, or to get money back for the sealant. Megan motioned to keep the sealant at Dana’s garage and Renee seconded it. Motion passed.
The Horse Council did not get to have the OGBRA Show due to heavy rain. Jackie gave Mark $752 to deposit back into the account. We had a profit of $552 from all the donations and sponsors from the show.
We have a $15 New Leaf gift certificate donated back to horse council. Renee motioned to buy flowers for around the barn with it, and Alesia seconded it. Motion passed.
Jackie sent the insurance information letting them know that the OGBRA Show was canceled. We still might have to pay the $8 minimum. Renee motioned to pay it if we have to, and Megan seconded it. Motion passed.
Silver Creek will be spraying the stalls next week (Monday or Tuesday maybe.)
Everyone make sure they take care of their own club’s stalls. The Horse Council will not be providing sawdust this year. Megan motioned and Wendy seconded it. Motion passed.
Each member is allowed to decorate their stalls with their own theme. Just don’t use nails or glue on the actual stall. We want to keep them neat.
The Contestors Exhibition classes will be getting moved up before the actual class. This is to help get the Contesters only some arena time. We will announce this at the show. All advisors please let your kids know this ahead of time.
Fair nights, the clubs are in charge as follows: Monday night – Silver Creek Sliders and Horsemen; Tuesday – Joy Riders and Wranglers; Wednesday – Silver Creek Sliders; Thursday – Joy Riders; Friday – Horsemen; Saturday – Wranglers. Everyone at the meeting agreed on this schedule.
Motion to adjourn the meeting by Renee and seconded by Tianna. Meeting adjourned.

By Megan Gossard

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