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Unlikely country duo of Brown and Gray to perform at Hardin County Fair

Kaci Brown and Sam Gray
Kaci Brown and Sam Gray of Brown and Gray

Brown and Gray, a country pop duo climbing up the music charts, will perform during the Hardin County Fair on Sept. 8.

They will be the opening act for country singer Dylan Scott. Show time is at 7 p.m. in the grandstand.

Brown and Gray is the unlikely combination of a country singer from Texas with a singer, songwriter and musician from the east coast of England.

Kaci Brown and Sam Gray are still amazed that two singers worlds apart would connect on a song and create a music duo that’s gaining fans in North America and England.

“Our coming together still baffles us because the likelihood of it is so crazy,” said Kaci in an interview with the Kenton Times, calling it a combination of “God, faith and coincidence.”

What they had in common is that both were with Notting Hill Music. Sam had joined Notting Hill on the writing side and created a song called “Top Down.” Kaci said Andy McQueen, chairman of Notting Hill Music, “threw my voice on this incredible sounding stuff. He had a hunch that ‘you two are going to sound great together.’”

“Top Down” ended up becoming a breakout hit.

The song boasts over three million streams and two million YouTube plays. They got a big boost from Storme Warren on Sirius XM satellite radio, who declared “Top Down” to be the first genuine U.S./U.K. country pop crossover.

Kaci said, “It just took one song to spark us.”

“It got more notoriety than any of us expected,” she said. “I thought it might get some play but we ended up getting a whole duo career. I’ve got an English boy singing country music.”

Sam said he has always enjoyed many different styles of music, including country, and pop crossover artists such as Shania Twain.

Brown and Gray was added to the West Coast leg of the Highway Finds Tour. Their performances caught the eye of William Morris Endeavor, the biggest live music agency in the world. They were signed and have coast-to-coast concert dates through the end of the year.

Rolling Stone featured Brown and Gray as one of the “10 country artists you need to know.”

“We love making music together,” Kaci said. “As songwriters you hope to find somebody you creatively click with. We have so much fun.”

Their debut EP, “Salt in the Coffee” arrived on June 8 and, according to a release, “challenges many of the accepted rules of country music, while clearly reflecting a respect of the genre.”

According to the release, the EP opens with “Home,” an infectiously hooky track that underlines Sam’s versatility and musical literacy. “Good Night” displays the duo’s seemingly effortless and authentic ability for harmonies. “This Is The Stuff” is a perfect showcase for Kaci’s emotional and plaintive vocals, full of soul and personality. Their playful, rebellious streak is on full view in “Outta My System,” full of swagger, with tongue firmly in cheek! The EP closes with “Top Down,” already a live favorite.

Their whirlwind success has sent them across the U.S.,  including opening for Brad Paisley in Washington State. They have performed at county fairs, state fairs and festivals during the year.

“They’ve all been amazing,” Sam said. “When we think about the names a million ferris wheels appear in our heads.”

Tickets for the show are available online at www.hardincountyfair.org. Track tickets are $25, reserved seats $20 and general admission tickets $15. Children age 5 and younger will be admitted free in the general admission area.

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