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Antiques topic at Kappa meeting

Kappa speakers
Kappa Chapter speakers Sandy Deckler (left) and Peggy Harrison talked about Antiques: Finding and Appraising, at the group’s meeting on Nov. 11 at Mt. Victory’s Plaza Inn.

Co-Presidents Virginia Shellhouse and Kathy Lundy of Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Intl. welcomed 13 members and 2 guests, Sandy Deckler and Peggy Harrison. The meeting was held on Nov. 11 at 10 a.m. at Mt. Victory’s Plaza Inn. The committee of Chr. Tammy Elchert, Norma Frederick, Ruth Ann Poling and Suzanne Sawyer were thanked for the arrangements. 

Tammy Elchert introduced speakers Deckler and Harrison. Their speeches were about Antiques: Finding and Appraising. An item is considered an antique when it is over 100 years old. Some key points that they said to remember is that an item that one considers to buy in order to resell it must be worth what a person is willing to pay. If you buy too high, you won’t make any money in the resale value. It is important to get rid of any cracked or broken objects at an auction as people will pick through to get what they want. The ladies have noticed over the years that items such as old toys, old hankies and quilts or quilt pieces,  feed sacks, and certain holiday decorations are favored for resale. Any handmade furniture is also a favorite for buyers. 

There are several companies that have made items that they find to be very resellable. Furniture that has been made in Indiana from the Hoosier Manufacturing Company or Wilson Amish Furniture are excellent pieces for resale. Glassware from Fostoria or Tiffin or those considered depression or carnival glass as well as various milk bottles or glass jars are excellent for resale. Any glass from a former glass factory can become a collectible and thus become a focus for buyers. 

Books for children, baskets, old recipe boxes, glass buttons, projector screens, pool balls, old clothes pins, antique fly swatters, cast iron toys, pocket knives, coins, anything tobacco or alcohol related, etc., are just a few things that people are willing to buy. The ladies search for auctions and sales that might include any of these items that they know to be good buys in order to resell. They must know what could be a good price in order to make a profit. 

The group thanked the ladies for their information and began the meeting.  Co-Pres. Lundy read a poem for November. Sec. Teresa Harris’ report which had been digitally sent was accepted. Treas. Elaine Hoover had her report filed for audit. She collected donations for the African project and the brag/pin fine. The former treasurer Lorrene Roberts, current treasurer Elaine Hoover, and short term treasurer Ruth Ann Poling were honored as a valuable asset for their service to Kappa Chapter. 

In other business, the co-presidents did attend a state meeting for Delta Kappa Gamma. They announced that Kappa Chapter received the Gold Key certificate. They stated that the State Pres. Melodie McGee has a platform to aid women in domestic violence. Norma Frederick stated that socks and slippers for needy students can be taken this Christmas season to Newland-Heydinger Insurance in Kenton to add to the Santa Train for Helping Hands. This project for Hardin Co. Business & Professional Women’s Club and aided by Kappa Chapter will be starting Nov. 20 through Dec. 11. 

It was suggested to send cards to Martha Cramer. Some corrections for phone numbers were noted. Having no other business, it was announced that the next meeting will be held on Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. at Carey’s public library at 236 E. Findlay St. Laura Tolland will discuss children’s holiday books. Following this, a luncheon meeting will convene at Splinter’s Restaurant in Carey with an executive meeting right after. The hostess committee will be Chr. Elaine Hoover, Jean Kearns, and Donna Myers.  The meeting was adjourned and all were wished safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving. 

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