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KCS eyes trained team to protect students


The Kenton Board of Education is considering the creation of a Rapid Response Team to provide additional protection for students in the event of an active shooter emergency.

Superintendent Chad Thrush is announcing the proposal in his monthly column on page four of today’s Times.

“Many would say education is the first goal of a school district, but I disagree. Keeping students safe is our first priority,” Thrush writes.

He said House Bill 99, which was signed into law by Gov. Mike DeWine earlier this year, directs the Ohio Department of Public Safety to create a Safety and Crisis Division to train law enforcement officers and properly authorized school staff members to possess deadly weapons in a school safety zone.

“School Resource Officers continue to be our best resource in response to these threats, but they cannot be everywhere at all times,” Thrush said. “Response time is critical because most school and other mass shooting crises end within five minutes. Since time is of the essence to minimize casualties, both Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart and Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser have encouraged the district to pursue this initiative.”

If the board chooses to create a Rapid Response Team, he said the team will consist of a specific group of properly trained and qualified staff members.

“I wish this conversation were not necessary, but the alarming increase in the number and rate of these incidents demands that we thoroughly consider viable prevention strategies and engage in appropriate planning and training,” Thrush said.


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