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Kenton Garden Club meets


Kenton Garden Club met Tuesday, Sept. 16 at the home of Sandy Rosebrough. Delicious refreshments were served prior to the business meeting. 

Donna Cavalier opened the meeting with all repeating the Gardener’s prayer. Roll call was taken with 10 members sharing as to how many days they attended the fair. The minutes were read and approved. The Treasurer’s report was given. No bills were presented. 

Committee reports: 

Rosie reported on the Christmas decorations for the downtown Christmas event.  The themes were decided upon for the two windows which we will be doing. The decorating will need to be done before Thanksgiving as the parade will be observed the Tuesday before. We would like to use some animated toys in keeping with the theme. We will be reimbursed for items that can be used later. 

Fair Booth: Even though we were not judged, the group was happy how the booth turned out. Discussion was held regarding next year as our club will be in charge of the theme for the booths and the flower show. Donna will hold a meeting in February with the other Garden Clubs’ presidents. A list will be made up as to what duties are expected of the club which is in charge and a list for the club which will assist. Linda was acknowledged for her rosettes and ribbons which she won and also Phyllis Hatcher for the rosette she won for her waterfall painting. 

Donna shared some “Seeds of Wisdom”. 1) There are 1,775 official botanic gardens and arboretums in 148 countries. The most famous is England’s Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London with 8.5 million items, the world’s largest collection of plants. 2) The hybrid tea rose, known for its singular bud, blooms on the average of every 49 days during the growing season. 3) About 75% of cut flowers grown in the States come from California. 4) The average household in the U.S. spends $503 on gardening annually. Nearly a third of households that garden are comprised of people ages 18-34. 5) In the past few years 1 in 4 Americans (64 million people) purchased a plant because it’s beneficial to birds, bees, or butterflies. And last, 6) During the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans spent more time outdoors and about 16 million people started gardening. 

The next meeting will be Oct. 18 at 1:30 p.m. at the Elks with Linda Wuethrich as hostess.

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